Dragging The Lake

Mayday mayday this is not a test
I'm drowning but my demons know how to swim
Your standing there so holy
You clutch your book but not me
This isn't how I pictured a crucifixion with a serpents kiss
Chocking on insincerity cuz it's gone it's gone

Chorus: Man overboard man over
You can look for bodies but it's over now
And you've got no one
Man overboard man over
You drag the lake but it over now
And you've got no one

So tell me captain my suicidal siren
Was she everything you thought she would from the way she licks your health and plays in your blood .
Every tattoo tells a story
Every life collected is the majority
Search lights are getting dim and I don't know how to swim


I lost my soul in your love
Was I all you ever loved
I lost my soul and she sings la la la la la