Possession- The Ballad of Sid and Nancy
You can tell by the way she walks she knows what your thinking
With a glance she can read your thoughts but no ones listening
She comes alive in the dead of night when know ones watching at all
She can feel your thoughts and she knows you're watching again

But you belong to me I am gone you see
You can't trusT me !!
You belong to me - you belong to I am dead you see - I am dead too
You can't trust me !!! Hey !! Hey !!! Hey !!

She laughs when she get the words wrong and maybe a lil out of tune agin
It's not your song be she's singing it any way

She spins in circles says she's your never alone
At least never really alone there's always a ghost in side your head

She makes the best mistakes but she'll never take all the blame
She says it's not a perfect life
but it's hers all the same

I dreamt about you almost every night this week
Behind these lips these secrets I will keep
I found a body at the bottom of a wishing well
Like a junkie you will always be my heroine